registration opening soon!

If your application is accepted, the Saline Royale will send you
a booking form for the accommodation,
along with the payment options.



The payment is made in two parts:
– Payment of the registration fees (€118) is obligatory when submitting the application. This amount will be returned if the student’s application is refused.
– Once registration has been confirmed by the Saline Royale Academy, payment of 100% of the tuition, accommodation and meal fees.

* An application to register will not be recorded if payment fails.
* An application to register will not be taken into account without the minimum payment of the registration fees (€118).

Accepted payment methods:
1) Credit or debit card via a secure site.
2) Bank transfer: it must include, and only include, the payment reference number communicated by Saline Royale Academy. All bank transfers must include the statement “No recipient fees”. Warning – should banking fees be levied on Saline Royale Academy despite this measure, the participants in question will be bound to refund them on arrival. Warning: applications with payment by bank transfer will have longer processing times.



In the event of a cancelation on the part of a registered participant before 27 September 2020, Saline Royale Academy will only accept to make a refund upon presentation of a medical certificate or other irrefutable proof that it is impossible for the person in question to attend the course. In all cases, the registration fees are non-refundable. After 27 September 2020, any stay that is canceled, interrupted or curtailed by the student will not give rise to a refund or postponement. Fees paid are systematically retained by the Saline Royale Academy, except in cases of force majeur. No reimbursement will be made.

The Saline Royale Academy reserves the right, in the event of external events beyond its control, or in the event that one or more of the professors would become unavailable, or if there are insufficient participants, to cancel all or part of the course. The sums paid will then be refunded, excluding any compensation. Students who decide to leave the course will not be entitled to any refund. This also applies to the accommodation and the meals.

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